Water Treatment

DMD srl is one of the most successful national players in water treatment, with excellent skills in terms of analysis and studying tailor-made solutions for the different problems and needs.

The exclusive distribution throughout the country of the innovative powder bicomponent Chlorine Dioxide named TWINOXIDE® enables DMD to offer its services in all those areas where water treatment is decisive for disinfection and sanitation problems. The creation of an automatic flushing system has further enabled DMD srl to study specific solutions to a range of problems in both civil and industrial environments.

Medical-Surgical Devices

DMD offers these specialised fields exclusively innovative and often unique cutting edge products. Special focus is paid to those innovations that require training and informing the end users before introducing them into hospitals.

  • General surgery
  • Vascular / Endovascular
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology
  • Anaesthetics and Reanimation
  • Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology, Interventional, Electrophysiology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopaedics and neurosurgery
  • Pain therapy
  • Patient hygiene
  • Digestive endoscopy
  • Otolaryngology-maxillofacial


Over the years as it has built up its experience in water treatment, DMD has stipulated exclusive agreements with various national and international players based on exceptional quality and innovation standards.

TwinOxide® ® is a simple system to generate chlorine dioxide.

TwinOxide® is an innovative and unique water disinfection system, which generates a chlorine dioxide solution with a purity level above 99,9% in a 0,3% solution.

The TwinOxide® method cannot be compared with traditional chlorine dioxide production methods, as there is no further need for the dioxide generation equipment, and the precursors are different while guaranteeing the highest quality levels.

TwinOxide® 0,3% can also be transported in total safety. The active biocide in the chlorine dioxide (CIO2), has been recognised as at least 10 times more powerful than chloride and chloride based disinfectants, working in a broad pH spectrum from 4 to 10.
TwinOxide® is supplied in a bicomponent powder kit and when it is added to a specific volume of water, it reacts in a 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide solution, with a kinetic half-life time of 30 days. The high disinfectant power of chlorine dioxide with TwinOxide® is given by a virtually total reduction of by-products like chlorates and chlorites, with no side-effects and absolutely no transport or explosion risks.

For some time now TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide has been acknowledged as one of the most effective disinfectants. It acts against numerous pathogenic microorganisms, even when used at low concentrations, and is guaranteed effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Over the decades chlorine dioxide has been the only sustainable alternative to the use of chloride and its by-products, such as sodium hypochlorite.

However, unlike hypochlorite, the disinfectant action of TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide does not form THM (trihalomethane) which has been proved to be carcinogenic. This has led to a rapid growth in the use of chlorine dioxide in aqueducts, both during the primary disinfection and effective disinfection and coverage phases to prevent bacterial recontamination inside the distribution network.

For its management and maintenance, traditional chlorine dioxide has to be produced on site, by means of a very complex and expensive generator, which activates it at the gassy state using solutions of hypochlorite acid and sodium chlorite. This constitutes a serious risk because it is highly explosive and, therefore, this risk must be considered and reduced by implementing fire prevention safety systems around the machine, which however increases the overhead costs even further.

In water pipelines there is continuous contamination due to the biofilm which forms, a term which describes a build- up of microorganisms in the form of incrustations protected by a film inside certain stretches of the water circuit. Chloride alone is not able to neither definitively eradicate nor even prevent the growth of the biofilm, which is why it cannot and must not be considered an adequate and definitive treatment. An even more dangerous situation arises when, further to shock hyperchloride treatment, a part of the biofilm is moved and returns into circulation inside the circuit and, therefore, carries the microorganisms through to the single users.
Treatment with TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide in water systems has demonstrated the ability to remove 100% of the deepest layer of biofilm in a very short space of time. The decontamination of the system is definitive, with no side effects, such as corrosion of the pipes or production of by-products which are negative effects in particular of chloride based products.

In water pipelines there is a continuous contamination due to the presence of biofilm. Chlorine is known not to be able to eradicate or even inhibit the growth of the biofilm and this explains why it is not considered to be a definitive treatment.


Flush Matic Tap® and Flush Matic Shower® ® are innovative locally positioned devices to automate the flushing process to the terminals/users, which is fundamental for a successful treatment to control the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease.

The Flush Matic® devices are an innovative, reliable and versatile system able to satisfy the specific needs of each structure requiring complete and safe treatment, to control and eliminate legionella.

The Flush Matic® systems work by means of a patented solenoid valve, which effectively flushes the water circulation and therefore prevents stagnation in the pipes and, if there is a continuous chemical treatment processes, recalls the biocide right up to the final stretches of the circuit.

The flushing process is totally automatic and is programmed during the first opening phase. Using the Flush Matic portable pad the flushing process is programmed according to the specific needs of each customer.
Furthermore the Flush Matic® pad is also able to read the flushing process data and, by means of a USB link and a PC, can process them into a very detailed report.

The data output by the Flush Matic® system are essential to improve prevention against risk of Legionnaire’s Disease, as they enable mapping the critical points in the circuit.
The following data are obtained:

  • Device room/department
  • Set program
  • Flushing complete check
  • Flushing date and time
  • Water temperature reached during flushing
  • Time to reach the maximum temperature

The Flush Matic® devices are battery powered and require no electrical wiring.

By using the Flush Matic® systems, the problem of Legionella is under control through to each single terminal/user.

It is a local device addressed to preventing and controlling legionella, especially in the so-called critical user points.

The Flush Matic® systems guarantee flow levels of approx. 10/15 litres/minute, which means the chemical treatment is able to reach the entire domestic water supply system, even those points where the water is not used very frequently.
If there is no continuous chemical treatment system, the Flush Matic® systems are considered as preventive devices against the risk of Legionnaire’s disease, as they guarantee correct and constant water circulation preventing any water stagnation.

Thanks to the incorporated temperature probe, the Flush Matic®systems are able to trace any anomalies in the water system and, above all, any incorrect water circulation.

The Flush Matic Tap® and Flush Matic Shower® systems can be installed on the majority of showers/taps with a simple and fast method.

Flush Matic® ensures noteworthy time and cost savings, guaranteeing constant operations and respect of the privacy of each user, without any of the disturbance involved with manual treatment processes.

By means of the dedicated pad and software, Flush Matic®, records all the flow data and provides a detailed report of all the automatic activities. This database collects and creates precious documented records which provide proof of the monitoring work that has been carried out.

To prevent creating any bothersome noise, dirt or discomfort, Flush Matic® performs the flushing process without any water exiting the terminal, this means there is no steam formed due to the use of hot water which, as we know, is the prime source for contagion with legionnaire’s disease, thus reducing the risk of exposure for operators and guests or patients to the minimum.

The real innovation in TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide is the simplicity in its use. It does not require generators, which are highly unstable and dangerous, apart from being expensive, it can be diluted into the water system by simple dosing pumps, and it is easy and safe to store. In fact, we could say that the control system is comparable to that of the better known sodium hyperchlorates and by-products.

However, despite this, DMD srl has decided to integrate the legionella management and control service with instruments which, when they are inserted and managed inside a customised service, can guarantee treatment success even in the most compromised and difficult situations. This integration involves a sophisticated and innovative chloride dioxide analyser in the line.

This enables even more precise dosing, guaranteeing total chemical coverage inside the water circuit and, therefore, increasing the guaranteed success of the treatment even further. These instruments can be implemented with different functions according to effective need including, among others, the important remote control.

It grants reliable and efficient management, with the display of the dosing status in real time, and the possibility to change the dosing parameters and download the previous data onto a tablet or PC.

However, it must be remembered that the reliability of the DMD control system is given by the innovative dioxide sensor which, thanks to its construction and function technology, gives constant and precise measurement of the concentration of chlorine dioxide in real time. The gas-selective membrane does not allow interference with other chemicals, and it protects the electrode from dirt and consequently reduces maintenance time and increases the life of the calibration point.

DMD Ltd. recently integrated a device into the LFS system for monitoring the growth of the biofilm: BIOFILM SENTINEL.

This exclusive device consists on a patented sensor able to detect and indicate through a percentage value the presence or the growth risk of the biofilm within the hot water circuit. This value may provide a simple data, alerts or even command the TwinOxide® dosing system that will increase the dosage of biocide.

The BIOFILM SENTINEL principle is very simple: it creates on the surface of the sensor itself a differential potential able to attract organic particles (the biofilm) and make them adhering on its surface. The more particles will go to lurk on the sensor surface, the more it will increase the percentage alert with subsequent actions.


The innovative Twinoxide® Chlorine Dioxide enables handling and controlling the problems involved with water treatment. Any operation that uses the precious resource of water for civil or industrial purposes, needs to guarantee its quality, often having to comply with very strict and scrupulous laws. Below a short list is given of the applications where DMD srl and Twinoxide® have gained experience and management ability. Contact us and we will find the right solution to ensure you have clean and disinfected water

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  • The DMD system

    DMD Legionella-Free System Service for tailor made control of Legionella

    The DMD Legionella-Free System Service that DMD has created for tailor made control of legionella. In fact, DMD is able to provide its customers with a complete pinpointed service to control legionella, which does not just involve the continuous application of the innovative Twinoxide® chlorine dioxide, but the company follows the treatment process through to the end user (known to be the point of greatest exposure and risk for the guest in the structure), thanks also to installing the Flush Matic Tap® or Flush Matic Shower® device.

    DMD Legionella-Free System Service is a complete system that provides:

    1. Chemical supply
      Supply, installation and management of the chemical treatment using the innovative powder bicomponent Twinoxide® chlorine dioxide.
      Supply, installation and management of the local devices for automatic Flush Matic® flushing.
    2. Risk analisys
      Legionella risk analysis: an assessment report of the legionella risk is provided for each customer, identifying and detailing the risk points after a specific on-site survey by our technicians.
    3. Risk assessement
      Legionella risk assessment: each customer is given a planning document (service protocol) with the formal description of the operations that are required for treatment with Twinoxide® chlorine dioxide and the possible installation of the Flush Matic®. These operating procedures are specifically formulated by the DMD technicians addressed to effectively reducing the real risk that is identified on each customer’s premises. This also includes preparing an intervention register, which not only serves to control and share the technical operations that are carried out, but is useful to generate the documentation to prove the work by the owner or management of the technical structures, as requested by Legislative Decree no. 81/2008.
    4. Risk communication Legionella risk communication: for each situation, all the data gathered during the treatment are collected, produced, managed and interpreted.
      DMD srl shares the information found by its technicians during their standard interventions, both during the Twinoxide® input phase and in the terminal/user output phase.
      A database is created with a master record service, where the end user is able to constantly trace the situation of the water circuit in real time.

      Input For the entire master record about the state of the dosing unit where the Twinoxide® chlorine dioxide solution is diluted.
      These data are used to provide certain fundamental aspects including:
      • The applied dosage of Twinoxide®
      • The daily or monthly use of Twinoxide®
      • Total volume of water consumption in the structure
      Output For the entire master record of the findings in the terminals/users in the treated structure. Specifically, thanks to a certified photometer for reading the chlorine dioxide used by the DMD technicians, the residual levels of biocide in the terminal can be measured. On the basis of the residual values and in relation to those given in the input phase, a measure is given of the work carried by the Twinoxide® in the plant, and the dilution parameters can be changed when needed.
      Together with the residual value monitoring, there is also the flushing service which can be assigned to the DMD technicians if the organisation is unable to do this methodically with its own personnel. They provide an effective service, insisting on opening the problematic terminals that have been identified, thanks to controlling the residual values, or better still installing the automatic flushing system from the Flush Matic® range.
      By sharing these data, the end user is able to control not only the perfect dilution of the Twinoxide® solution, but also the water trend in the entire system. In fact, thanks to the master record provided by the DMD technicians, the previous water problems in the system can often be found (pressure drops, promiscuous water entry, dead branches)..

    About us

    D.M.D. srl is a young business in the field of distributing specialised medical and surgical devices and innovative water treatment systems.
    Through its sales network, state of the art organisation and experience in water treatment, D.M.D. srl has gained a valid position with its innovative, exclusive and top quality hospital products. The experience that has been gained over the years has led to the development and refinement of their skills in the health sectors, and their constant business contacts with the manufacturers, especially in Northern Europe, the USA and Asia, has created an excellent level of specialisation and product quality standards.

    Our mission

    • Improve the customer/supplier relations, through constant research and the introduction of new high-tech and innovative products, and also by entering new markets.
    • Create a strongly customer orientated company.
    • Increase company penetration in the market.
    • Make customer satisfaction a distinguishing factor in a highly competitive market.

    Our values

    • Customer satisfaction
    • Respect of commitments
    • Give value to human resources
    • Work in close cooperation both inside and outside the company
    • Social responsibility of the company

    Our philosophy

    We put all our focus and expertise into everything we do, which enables us to reach increasingly higher standards in our products and to enter new markets, which we are constantly searching for through our network of national and international contacts.
    In fact, thanks to this network and given the strong drive to enter the water treatment market, in January 2007 D.M.D. srl established a business agreement with Twinoxide International, becoming the exclusive partner for the Italian market for their business project.


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